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Memory’s Exile, A Novel of Space Exploration

    Story Spring is thrilled to announce that...

Snape: A Definitive Reading

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Debris & Detritus: The Lesser Greek Gods Running Amok

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Story Spring Publishing, LLC

Story Spring Publishing is based in central Illinois, but our company and community extend throughout the U.S. and internationally. And, of course, with the distribution options available to publishers today, readers on every continent have access to our books. Even Antarctica!

Just as our offerings are eclectic, so, too, is our staff. We have—in-house or as part of our community of consultants and freelancers—the usual complement of editors, designers, and business professionals. We also have academics, published authors, and voracious readers. Each loves books and is committed to the mission of Story Spring Publishing: to bring excellent books of all kinds into the world and to place them into the hands of the readers who will best appreciate them.

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March 10, 2017 |

On the Horizon…

  Story Spring is thrilled to announce that our next publication is our first foray into science fiction. When...

February 10, 2017 |

Debris & Detritus Homecoming at ConDFW

Rhonda Eudaly uttered the words, “Debris and Detritus, the lesser known Greek gods” at ConDFW 2014,...

July 10, 2016 |

Story Spring “Springs” Snape at Leviosa

This summer, Story Spring timed the launch of SNAPE: A Definitive Reading to coincide with the Harry Potter...

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