Thoroughly Modern Monsters

What if?


What if the creatures of our childhood nightmares aren’t safely extinct?

What if they’re living right next door?

What if they pass among us every single day?

Loving us.

Watching us.

Devouring us.

Eleven authors from the US and Europe have given us fifteen striking views on the monsters in our midst.

So, turn on all the lights and lock the doors. Check under the bed and settle in. Get to know some Thoroughly Modern Monsters.

If you dare.

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  • Print Length: 317 pages
  • Publisher: Story Spring Publishing
  • Publication Date: September 29, 2013
  • Digital ISBN:
  • Print ISBN: 978-1940699103



“Unsettling and startling and laugh-out-loud funny. What’s not to like about the vampire on the hunt for a date — no goths or blood-play fetishists, please — or the shark expert who runs into something far more unnerving than a great white or the scruffy incubus waiting for his next assignment. Near a fiery pit and a motivational poster declaring “that there was no I in team.”CC

“Marvelous, inventive, well crafted tales that range from eerie to funny to disturbing to surrealistic to downright moving. The book is a Halloween trick or treat bag filled with goodies.”Logospilgrim

“Lots of fun, some spook and just the right length for busy days when you want a quick read in the evening or while waiting for the doctor.”  – Tracy

J.L. Aldis’s background is in the study and teaching of literature, though she has also worked as a teacher of English as a foreign language and as a translator. Putting her academic skills to work in a real-world setting is a source of delight to her, especially with the publication of Immanence, her second anthology of original short fiction after Thoroughly Modern Monsters (Story Spring Publishing, 2013). She has once again found it a huge pleasure to work with such a talented and gracious group of authors and extends her thanks to them all, as well as to Story Spring for bringing this book to the reading public.

E.E. Weber is a writer and editor based in San Diego, CA. Her editorial interests include fiction, verse, drama, scientific writing, and providing useful feedback to fledgling writers. Her mantra for all words that pass through her hands, be they her own or someone else’s, comes from Nobel laureate Max Delbrück, who encouraged all who attempt to communicate complicated concepts to “[ i] magine that your audience has zero knowledge but infinite intelligence.”

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